About Ultralydjordmoren

The midwife and sonographer

The midwife and sonographer, Piroozeh, has a midwifery degree from Oslo and Akershus University College and has taken further education in ultrasound examination of pregnant women for midwives at NTNU in Trondheim.

Piroozeh has extensive experience as a midwife, birth and postnatal care and in prenatal care. Also in ultrasound at the Fetal Medical Polyclinic and pregnancy Polyclinic at Rikshospitalet, Ullevål Hospital, Drammen, Bærum hospital and Bærum municipality.

She strives to provide good care on the pregnant woman’s terms.



All my services and examinations are carried out in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and with a good ethical and midwifery standard.

Piroozeh is a member of the Norwegian midwife association (DNJ) and Norwegian association for ultrasound diagnostics (NFUD).


  • Midwifery/Sonographer, Rikshospitalet Foster Poliklinikk/Pregnancy Clinic
  • Midwifery/Sonographer, Ullevål Foster Poliklinikk/Pregnancy Clinic
  • Midwife/Sonographer, Childbirth Clinic/Maternity department Drammen Hospital
  • Midwife Maternity and Maternity Department Bærum hospital
  • Midwife Prenatal care Bærum
  • Project in Mother-Child project in reg. of the Public Health Institute Bærum hospital
  • Project to Prevent Adall, project OUS/Ullevål


  • Videreutdanning i Ultralyddiagnostikk for jordmødre ved Nasjonalt Senter for Fostermedisin, NTNU (Trondheim)
  • Jordmorutdanning, Høgskolen  i Akershus
  • Sykepleierutdanning,  Sykepleier Høgskolen i  Kristiansand


  • Midwifery within Prenatal, Maternity and ultrasound
  • Nursery in Somatic, Psychiatry and Surgery
  • Specialization in Intercultural Communication

Modern equipment


GE Voluson E8 Expert

The ultrasound apparatus we use is called Voluson E8. This is a machine from General Electric Healthcare which creates very good 2, 3 and 4D images, and so-called HDlive viewing.


The best and most advanced

This device is considered to be one of the best and by far the most advanced apparatus on the market today.



HDlive is an extraordinary rendition method which generates incredibly realistic images of the fetus from sonographic data.

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