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Thanks to midwife Piroozeh for a wonderful ultrasound examination yesterday! Had given up hope of getting an appointment during the day, but after a phone call to the ultrasound midwife we got an appointment shortly after we hung up. Piroozeh was welcoming and incredibly wonderful who took the time to show and explain everything on the ultrasound image to both my partner and my parents. I myself have experience with ultrasound as a doctor, and was genuinely impressed by the skills of this lady! Highly recommend the clinic!! Maelyn Torres
Maelyn Torres

Was well received! Very nice lady who did a thorough and careful examination. Got lots of nice pictures in both 3D and 4D that she saved on a memory stick for a little extra NOK. Definitely worth it and will be back again! Also arranged a new appointment for me in my municipal hospital for further follow-up. Seems like a lady who likes to have it right and who goes the extra mile to make you feel taken care of!
Linda Østli

Really recommended! 👏 Takes his time, provides good information and allows you to enjoy yourself and look at the baby! Very relaxed and knows exactly what to say to us nervous first time pregnant women! Also got lots of pictures 🙂
Live Stavholt

Highly recommended!! Got to see the little one on a big screen with explanations along the way. Received video and photos via SMS and on paper. Felt well taken care of.
Birgitte Svendsen

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Important about ultrasound

Sturla Eik-Nes, professor at the National Center for Fetal Medicine in Trondheim

Boy or girl?

From week 15

You can tell if it's a boy or a girl with an ultrasound, but the best time to see the gender is around week 15. Sometimes we can determine the gender from week 15.

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound examination is a type of examination where sound waves with a higher frequency than the human ear can hear are used. The sound waves are sent in through the skin's surface and propagate in the body's tissues. They return to the ultrasound machine and create an image on the screen. In this way, you can see the fetus, amniotic fluid and the location of the placenta.

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We are looking for Ultrasound midwives

We are looking for ultrasound midwives who want to work independently in our private clinic in central Sandvika.

Modern equipment

GE Voluson E10

The ultrasound machine we use is called Voluson E10, a machine from General Electric Healtcare that creates very good 2D, 3D, 4D images.


Best and most advanced

This device is considered to be one of the best and by far the most advanced on the market


HDlive is an extraordinary rendering method that generates incredibly realistic images of fetuses from sonographic data.