Pregnancy control

We want to listen to your needs, talk about what happens during pregnancy and what you are concerned about.

Our goal is for you to experience security, and for you to be looked after while you are expecting a child.

When can you contact us?
You can contact us at any time during your pregnancy.
If you contact us early in the pregnancy, we can get good continuity and comprehensiveness in the contact and follow-up throughout the pregnancy. Much of what happens tends to be a process throughout the pregnancy, which is also a reason why early contact can be good.

How many times can/should you go for pregnancy tests?
We follow national professional guidelines for pregnancy care. ( ) These guidelines recommend 8 checks during pregnancy. This included routine ultrasound in pregnancy weeks 18-20 for healthy pregnant women.
If you need to go several times, it is entirely possible with us.

Can I just go to the midwife?
Some go to both a midwife and a doctor, some go only to a doctor or only to a midwife.
If you want to just go to a midwife, you can do that with us. Then you will have more time for different topics or whatever you need to talk about, and you will have continuity in the follow-up.
We will refer you to a doctor or to the hospital if you need follow-up beyond what we can give you.

Topics we cover:
Mother's physical and psychological changes during pregnancy.
How to look after healthy physical and mental health during pregnancy.
The child's growth, development and perception.

How can you best take care of your relationship and family during this time ?

Most people experience pregnancy as a nice and exciting time. Sometimes the physical and mental stresses become a bit heavy. Then it can be good to talk and be met with understanding and advice so that the situation feels safer and becomes easier.

The birth:

How does the body work during childbirth? How can you as a parent trust your body?
What can you/you expect from a midwife in the delivery room?
What aids and painkillers are there, how do they work?
When is it necessary to see a doctor when you are in labor?
How to think about what you/you cannot plan in advance?
Perhaps you need to talk through your previous birth?
We will give you birth prayer talks, and courses held at the hospital together with other pregnant women/couples.

The newborn child:
Can someone help us with the baby? What about breastfeeding? Is it possible to do something to ensure that breastfeeding goes well? Perhaps you feel unsuited to caring for the child after birth?
How do you prepare to come home with the child?
What follow-up and help can you then get?
Or do you have completely different questions?

We want to answer your questions and give you the time, support, care and information you need so that your pregnancy will be a good time for you.

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