Deadline determination

Since 1986, Norway has had a public offer to all pregnant women of one ultrasound examination around the 18th week of pregnancy. This determines the due date, number of fetuses, examines the anatomy of the fetus, the amount of amniotic fluid and determines the location of the placenta. Studies have shown that determining the due date using ultrasound (TUL) is more accurate than calculating the due date after the first day of the last period (due date Nægele). The fetus is also carefully examined to see that it is developing normally. It is not possible to detect all types of developmental abnormalities using ultrasound examinations. This examination is free upon referral to a local hospital.

If you are unsure whether you are pregnant or anxious because of a previous miscarriage/missed abortion, or if you have an uncertain pregnancy length, where the mother for one reason or another does not want to use the public offer of a routine ultrasound at the 18th week of pregnancy, you can get hour with me.