Due date calculations

Ever since 1986, all women in Norway are offered one ultrasound examination around the 18th week of pregnancy. This is when a due date is established, the number of fetuses in the womb, evaluation of the fetal anatomy and decide placenta location.

Studies have shown that determining the due date by ultrasound (TUL) is more accurate than calculating what the due date could be based on the last menstrual first day (Naegele’s rule). The fetus is also examined carefully to make sure that it is developing normally.

It is not possible to detect all types of developmental abnormalities using ultrasound. This examination is free by reference to local hospitals. Ultrasounds in pregnancy is safe for both mother and child. So far, no studies have been able to detect any adverse effects from the use of ultrasound.

Are you unsure if you are pregnant or anxious because of a previous miscarriage/ missed abortion, or are you unsure of the current length of your pregnancy and for one reason or another, you, as a mother do not want to take the offer from the government about the routine ultrasound at 18 weeks gestation, you are more than welcome to make an appointment with me.